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Aloha, and welcome to Cookware Software... a leading creator of interactive websites, database technology, co-branding and partnership technology, data mining, shopping cart e-commerce technology, gaming technology, iOS application development, custom UNIX and OSX software, Living Building Systems, and much more.

Most anyone can create a "pretty, online brochure", or even a simple website, but the real focus of the Web is CONTENT and lots of it -- that's why someone wants to visit your site. Whether it's articles, member services, pictures, games, music or on-line shopping, your website must deliver content.

At Cookware Software we are leaders at supplying online content. A web site today can no longer be a simple page with some static content. It must be dynamic and fresh, so that a user has a reason to keep coming back. We specialize in highly interactive sites requiring robust database architecture, datamining, user profiling and easy-to-use backend solutions for client website maintance.

Cookware has the experience necessary to take your ideas and deliver a finished product in a cost effective and timely manner. We do our work on fixed bids so, unless the specs of the job are changed, there are never cost over runs.

Involved with the Internet since 1992 and the Web since its inception, our long experience with the medium has given us an unique and thorough understanding. We offer excellent service with a personalized touch. With Cookware you'll never be "just another client." Your website will reflect you and your style, whether it's Fortune 500 corporate or "feel good" and artistic.

Our Hawai'i office is located in Kea'au on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

Whether you are setting up your first website, re-designing an existing site or trying to find customized software solutions, Cookware can provide you with exactly what you need. Contact us here or call us at (808) 966-5049 (Hawaii) to help you succeed today.

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About Cookware Software...

Cookware was founded in 1982 to help organizations fulfill their computer software needs. From 1982 through 1991 Cookware led the industry in advanced Computer Graphic services. Our solutions in Computer Aided Design, Advanced Image Processing and Entertainment Graphics has touched practically everyone, from the clothes they wear to the TV they watch.

In 1992, 10 years after it was founded, Cookware began an aggressive push towards providing Internet solutions, and as such was one of the first companies to successfully accomplish distributed, interactive, real-time graphics over the Internet, with the completion of the SLADE project which was presented at the 1992 Siggraph conference.

With the advent of graphical access to the World Wide Web in 1993, Cookware began applying Graphic and Internet knowledge into designs of advanced World Wide Web capabilities. In 1994 Cookware successfully completed an interactive Web Surfing Kiosk prototype for the United States Postal Service. The technologies required by this project sparked what in 1995 became Cookware's GATE services. GATE has since evolved into our highly advanced StarGate software which is helping to redefine the abilities of the Web by extending fully interactive services to Web site development at affordable prices.

In 1995 Cookware owners Deborah Sellers and David Cook wrote a best selling book for Que Publishing entitled Launching A Business On The Web. The first edition has been published in English, Spanish and Korean. The second edition was released late summer 1996.

In 1996, Cookware continued it's commitment to the industry by moving from a sole proprietorship to a fully incorporated business and by aggressively going after content based applications.

Since 1996, Cookware has serviced many companies by designing and hosting their websites. Our Custom Software Division provides custom software divisions including our latest project of entire building automation for Hawaii Preparatory Academy on the Big Island of Hawai'i and the new Leslie Shao-ming Sun Field Station for Stanford University.

Our latest addition to the Cookware family is our iOS Application Development Division which designs iPhone and iPad applications both for public sale and private corporate use.

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