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      The Pena Artist Gallery

      The Pena Artist Gallery provides an area for our users to share Paintings they have made in Pena.

      Have you made some great paintings in Pena? We welcome you to share your paintings with others. To submit paintings please follow the Submission Guidlines.

      Featured Artists...


      Submission Guidelines

      If you would like to be featured in our Pena Artist Gallery, please follow these submission guidelines.

      Note: Submitting a Painting to us does not guarantee addition to the Gallery. We reserve the right to select which paintings, if any, are included in the Gallery.

      • Paintings should be painted completely in Pena and not modified by other applications (Photos used as textures are fine as long as you have permission for the photo).
      • You must be the artist who created the painting.
      • You give us rights to place your painting in our Pena Gallery. We can not stop people from making copies of the painting, so that is a condition of the rights you grant us. (Do not send us painting you don't want people to copy.)
      • Here are the specifics for the Painting itself:

        1. Submit only one painting per EMail! If you have multiple paintings, split them up into individual EMail.
        2. The painting should be in JPG or PNG format (if it is PNG, we will convert it to JPG).
        3. The painting should be in orientation you want it displayed (landscape or portrait).
        4. The painting should be in the original size from your iPad (when we receive Retina iPad paintings, we will downsize them to 1024x768 or 768x1024).
      • Here is what to include in the EMail:

        1. The Artist Name
        2. (Optional) The Company Name and website URL (or Gallery or Organization)
        3. The Painting Style
        4. (Optional) Any Notes about the painting
        5. The model of iPad used to create the painting.

      EMail each Painting (one painting per EMail) with the above information to


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