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      Effect:Metallic Cage
      Category:Procedural Sources

      Description: The Metallic Cage Effect creates a 3D Metal Bar Cage.

      Metallic Cage outputs in Black and White, however, using the Output Color 1 and Output Color 2 options you can integrate it with the existing Color 1 and Color 2.

      The Metallic Cage Effect is time sensitive and can use a Clock or Clock Modifier (available in the Metallic Cage Options) to modify the Effect over time.

      If you enable the Fit To Brush Option you will paint with the Metallic Cage Effect sized to your brush.

      Options: The Metallic Cage Effect has the following Options Pane:

      Clock:This Effect can change over time. This control lets you select which of the four Clocks to use (Clocks are assigned in the Brush Pane). Any Green Colored Clock is the one currently in use. Tap the reset button and a Pop Up will appear that lets you reset any of the four Clocks to their initial value. Yellow colored clocks are not in use. Note that you can turn Clocks off by tapping a Green Clock turning all of them yellow.
      Clock Modifier:This value is added to the current Clock. You can use this to change where in time this Effect is, relative to the Clock (this allows different Effects to use the same Clock with different offsets).
      X Zoom:This controls the X (horizontal) scale of the Effect.
      Y Zoom:This controls the Y (vertical) scale of the Effect.
      Cube Depth:This controls the number of cages in the 3D depth axis. The higher the number, the more cubes and more densely packed cubes will be produced. The lower the number the fewer and less densely packed cubes will be produced. Note that the higher this number goes, the longer the Effect takes to paint.
      Bar Thickness:This value sets the general thickness of the Bars that make up the Metallic Cage. Larger numbers are thicker Bars.
      Fit To Brush:If set to a Red X the Effect spans the screen such that as you paint you reveal the Effect. When set to a Green Check Mark the Effect is sized to the brush such that as you paint the entire Effect is within the brush itself.
      Output Color 1:By default this is set to REPLACE which means that the set color will be output to Color 1. You can change this as explained in Options Pane Color Mixers.
      Output Color 2:By default this is set to IGNORE which means that the Color 2 will be ignored (the original Color 2 will be kept). You can change this as explained in Options Pane Color Mixers.

      Example: The following image shows the Liquid Metal with its default settings:

      In the next image the Bar Thickness has been set to 5:

      In the next image the Cube Depth has been set to 300:

      Here we are using a combination of effects:

      • In Slot 1 we have our Metallic Cage with default values.
      • In Slot 2 is 4-Color Gradient with Output Color 1 set to Multiply
      • Slot 3 is empty (for the Image that follows)
      • In Slot 4 is Brightness (from Color Filter Effects) with Brightness set to 6.0

      Note how the 4-Color Gradient is now mapped (due to the Multiply) onto the Metal Cage:

      Our Final image introduces an additional Effect to the previous image:

      • In Slot 3 put Cracked Earth/Clay with Output Color 1 set to Multiply

      You can see how we now have a Cracked, 4-Color Gradient, Metallic Cage:


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