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      Effect:Wonderful Wood
      Category:Procedural Sources

      Description: The Wonderful Wood Effect creates a variety of wood-like patterns.

      The Wonderful Wood Effect ignores Color 1 and Color 2 and provides its own color for the wood.

      If you enable the Fit To Brush Option you will paint with the Wonderful Wood Effect sized to your brush.

      Options: The Wonderful Wood Effect has the following Options Pane:

      Zoom:This value controls the size of the wood grain. Lower values zoom into the grain. Higher values zoom away from the grain.
      Ring Width:This value controls the width of the grain or wood rings. Values closer to zero have finer grain. Values further from zero have a larger grain.
      Years Growth:This value controls the wave of the grain. Values closer to zero have a large wave. Values farther from zero have a very tight wave.
      Dark Wood:If set to a Red X the color of the wood is a light yellow-white similar to a Birch. If set to a Green Check Mark the color of the wood is a dark red-brown similar to Cherry.
      Checkerboard:If set to a Red X the color of the wood is selected by the Dark Wood option. If set to a Green Check Mark the color of the wood alternates between Dark and Light wood in a checkerboard pattern. Additionally, the patterns in the alternating checkerboard reverse in direction.
      Fit To Brush:If set to a Red X the Effect spans the screen such that as you paint you reveal the Effect. When set to a Green Check Mark the Effect is sized to the brush such that as you paint the entire Effect is within the brush itself.
      Output Color 1:By default this is set to REPLACE which means that the set color will be output to Color 1. You can change this as explained in Options Pane Color Mixers.
      Output Color 2:By default this is set to IGNORE which means that the Color 2 will be ignored (the original Color 2 will be kept). You can change this as explained in Options Pane Color Mixers.

      Example: The following image shows the Wonderful Wood Effect with its default settings:

      In the next image we have used the default values but turned Dark Wood off. This paints with a lighter, more Birch colored wood:

      Next we again have our default values with Year Growth set to a low number, near zero:

      In this next image we have Year Growth set to a fairly high number. Note how the grain and rings have smoothed out. Using high values for Year Growth can get you more plank-like grain:

      The next image shows the defaults with Checkerboard turned on:

      Our final image shows the previous image with a very low Zoom value:


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