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      Color Filter Effects

      Color Filter Effects Introduction

      Color Filter Effects allow you to perform basic Effects between Color 1 and Color 2. These Filters do things like blend, change brightness, hue. For example, if you wanted to make a Sepia Toned image you would use the Tint Color Filter.

      The Color Filter Effects do not offer the Fit To Brush option as they all produce a solid color as output (thus there is no difference in Fit To Brush or Fit To Screen). Some of these Effects will seem to be duplicates of what you can get in the Output Color 1 and Output Color 2 options. However, they are not the same. The difference is that the Color Mixers mix between the new Color and the previous Color (e.g., original Color 1 versus new Color 1). The Effects listed below operate between Color 1 and Color 2.

      The following gives a brief list of each Color Filter Effect, and what it does. Click the name for a detailed page outlining that Effects capabilities:

      AverageAverage Color 1 with Color 2
      BlendA weighted average of Color 1 with Color 2
      BrightnessAdjust the brightness of Color 1 or Color 2
      ContrastAdjust contrast/brightness of Color 1 or 2
      DesaturateSimple % desaturation of Color 1 Color 2
      Exchange ChannelsExchange Channels within Color 1 or Color 2
      InvertInverts Color 1 or Color 2
      MaximumProduce the maximum of Color 1 or Color 2
      MinimumProduce the minimum of Color 1 with Color 2
      SaturationAdjust the saturation of Color 1 or Color 2
      SwapSwap components between Color 1 and Color 2
      Tint (Modify HSB)Trade HSB components between Color 1 and Color 2
      Transparency (Alpha)Adjust Color 1 or Color 2 Alpha based on ranges


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