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      Spatial Filter Effects

      Spatial Filter Effects Introduction

      Spatial Filter Effects work with the X and Y location of pixels more than directly with Color 1 or Color 2.

      Some Spatial Filter Effects are extremely useful. Specifically, the Airbrush Effect changes your current brush into a gradient Airbrush. The Stipple Effect changes your brush into a stipple brush. Also the RGBA Discard, Selective Discard, RGBA Replace, and Selective Replace Effects are very important for getting rid of unwanted colors as you paint.

      The following gives a brief list of each Spatial Filter Effect, and what it does. Click the name for a detailed page outlining that Effects capabilities:

      AirbrushTurn your brush into a soft edged airbrush
      RGBA DiscardDiscard colors within a unified range
      RGBA ReplaceReplace Color 1 or 2 within a unified range
      Selective DiscardDiscard colors within individual ranges
      Selective ReplaceReplace Color 1 or 2 within individual ranges
      Star TemplateColor 1 is the star color, Color 2 is the background
      StippleApply a stipple to your brush
      Texture DisplaceUse Color 2 to Displace a Texture
      XY RippleApply a ripple to the Drawing or Texture
      XY RotateApply a rotate to the Drawing or Texture
      XY TwistApply a twist to the Drawing or Texture


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