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      Effect:Star Template
      Category:Spatial Filters

      Description: The Star Template Effect gives you a method to create stars in a variety of sizes, orientations, and number of points. The Star itself is done in Color 1. The Background is done in Color 2.

      If you want to paint with the Star Effect and no background (just the Star) use the Selective Discard Effect to remove the background color.

      If you enable the Fit To Brush Option you will paint with the Star Template Effect sized to your brush.

      Options: The Star Template Effect has the following Options Pane:

      Points:This value controls the number of points on the star.
      Angle:This value controls the rotation angle of the star.
      Zoom:This value controls the size of the star. Smaller numbers produce smaller stars.
      Minimum Spoke:This value determines how close the inside of each spoke is to the center of the star.
      Maximum Spoke:This value determins how far away from the inside of the star the end of each point is.
      Horizontal Offset:This value controls where on the X (horizontal) axis the center of the star sits.
      Vertical Offset:This value controls where on the Y (vertical) axis the center of the star sits.
      Fit To Brush:If set to a Red X the Effect spans the screen such that as you paint you reveal the Effect. When set to a Green Check Mark the Effect is sized to the brush such that as you paint the entire Effect is within the brush itself.
      Output Color 1:By default this is set to REPLACE which means that the set color will be output to Color 1. You can change this as explained in Options Pane Color Mixers.
      Output Color 2:By default this is set to IGNORE which means that the Color 2 will be ignored (the original Color 2 will be kept). You can change this as explained in Options Pane Color Mixers.

      Example: The image below shows the Star Template Effect with a variety of settings:


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