Pena Contents
Control Pane
Brush Pane
Texture Pane
Effects Pane
Color Picker
Save/Load Pane
Selection Pane
Preferences Pane
Intelligent Canvas
Wacom Bluetooth Stylus
Jot Bluetooth Stylus
The Effects Library
Effects Introduction
Color Source Effects
Procedural Source Effects
Color Filter Effects
Spatial Filter Effects
Math and Logic Effects
  • Math and Logic Introduction
  • Clock Limiter
  • Clock Reset
  • Color Add 1+2
  • Color Burn
  • Color Difference
  • Color Dodge
  • Color Exclusion
  • Color Hard Light
  • Color Multiply 1x2
  • Color Overlay
  • Color Restore
  • Color Save
  • Color Screen
  • Color Soft Light
  • Color Subtract 1-2
  • Color Subtract 2-1
  • Special Effects
    Artists Gallery
    The Artist Gallery
    Pena Support

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