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      Effect:Color Pinwheel
      Category:Special Effects

      Description: The Color Pinwheel Effect produces a colorful, intertwined, spiral tunnel result.

      Note that Color Pinwheel produces its own colors and ignores Color 1 and Color 2.

      If you enable the Fit To Brush Option you will paint with the Color Pinwheel sized to your brush.

      Options: The Color Pinwheel Effect has the following Options Pane:

      Spiral Angle:This value sets the angle of the Effect and to some degree, where along the tube you are. Changes to this value result in subtle changes in the color distribution and cell size.
      Sheer:This value distorts the large portion of the tube to sheer in one direction or another. At extreme values this gives a very large close-up of individual tube cells.
      Fit To Brush:If set to a Red X the Effect spans the screen such that as you paint you reveal the Effect. When set to a Green Check Mark the Effect is sized to the brush such that as you paint the entire Effect is within the brush itself.
      Output Color 1:By default this is set to REPLACE which means that the set color will be output to Color 1. You can change this as explained in Options Pane Color Mixers.
      Output Color 2:By default this is set to IGNORE which means that the Color 2 will be ignored (the original Color 2 will be kept). You can change this as explained in Options Pane Color Mixers.

      Example: The following image shows the Color Pinwheel Effect with default values:

      In the next image the Sheer is increased, distorting the tube:

      And finally we increase Sheer even more giving an extreme distortion:


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