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Cookware has provided Internet and Web solutions since 1992. We provide combined website hosting and design services.

We specialize in highly interactive and complex websites. Most of the websites we create have the following capabilities:

  • Ecommerce solutions including credit card debiting interfaces
  • Database creation and searching solutions
  • Membership systems
  • Shopping systems and shopping carts
  • Co-branding, affiliate, and partnership systems

We can design sites that allow you to maintain yourself, or we can maintain the site for you. We pride ourselves in having extremely fast customer response to changes or additions to their website.

All website designs are hand done. We do all our graphics using Photoshop CS4 and all HTML is created using nothing more than an editor. We utilize our Custom Software Divison StarGate software for highly complex websites that have needs such as those listed above.

The following sections introduce you to our hosting capabilities, design capabilities:

Cookware Software Hosting Services...

Cookware provides web hosting services using SUN SunFire X2200 servers running Ubuntu (a flavor of Unix). We own our servers outright.

Our servers have an "up-time" of over 99.997% (average downtime is 3 hours per year) and are co-located at Midwest Internet in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our server configurations include:


  • Dual electric power grids and multiple backup generators
  • Centralized UPS power protection
  • Superior protection against power surges, spikes and interruptions
  • Proactive network monitoring
  • 24-hour remote monitoring of Indiana servers from both Indiana and Hawaii (most web hosts only monitor internally and do not always know if users can get in or not. We monitor externally and know instantly if there is a route or server problem.)
  • DS3 and OC3 links to multiple Internet backbones
  • Redundant building entry points
  • Self-healing network architecture
  • Multi-homed solution for optimal performance
  • Multi-homing via BGP4 for optimal route selection and redundancy
  • HVAC temperature control systems
  • Regulated chilled water temperature
  • Internal climate controlling fans


Unlike most web hosts, Cookware does not charge for the bandwidth used by your site. Instead, we base our charges solely on the amount of disk space your site takes on our servers.

Service DescriptionMonthly Cost
Hawai'i, All Islands
Monthly Cost
Everywhere Else
Website with less than 1 Gigabyte of Storage$35.00/month$75.00/month
Website with more than 1 Gigabyte of Storagecall for quotecalll for quote

We provide EMail routing (routing EMail to your domain name to the EMail addresses of your choice) and also DNS services (mapping of your domain name to your website). These are included in the basic charges.

You may notice that our hosting charges are a bit more than most other companies. This is because we don't host just anyone. Your company site will not be compromised by script kiddies, spam merchants or other dubious sites being housed on the same server, why? Because we don't host them. This adds another layer of security to protect your company's information, assets and reputation!

If you are interested in hosting your website with Cookware, contact us at (808) 966-5049 (Hawaii), or click here to send us Email.


Cookware Software Design Services...

Cookware specializes in custom solutions for highly interactive websites.

Most businesses today need more than a simple web site. They need to provide information to the user based on the needs and actions of the user. That's where Cookware comes in... our software solutions create websites which allow both you, and your users, to customize their experience and content.

Below are some of our solutions that make interactive sites possible:


From logo design and creation to complete site design, we specialize in creating websites that project the image you want, load quickly and are easy to navigate.

Every site we design is created with your company's personality and reputation in mind and include:

  • Logos and artwork created by designers with over 20 years of experience.
  • Hand-coded HTML for universal browser compatibility, efficiency and quick load time.
  • Meta information and page layout to maximize your visibility to search engines.
  • Graphics that are optimized for the web to ensure your page comes up as quickly as possible.
  • Flat architecture navigation for easy surfing of your site.


If your website needs include offering a large amount of interactive content to the user, or if you need to gather information from your users, you need a database driven site.

Database driven sites allow information such as user preferences and past selections to change how the user experiences your website. Databases also allow you to gather demographic information about your users to help you market and provide superior services to your users.

Our database capabilities include:

  • Fully relational database tuned for internet applications.
  • Seamless integration of all databases. Multiple databases can be searched on a single webpage and the results can be seamlessly integrated.
  • Database support Boolean searching at the word level.
  • High-speed addition of new records means quick update times for your users.
  • Full set of tools to add fields, remove fields, re-index and repair databases.
  • Supports import and export to other databases using CSV as well as real-time remote cgi-bin polling.
  • Extremely powerful capability that allows a handful of pages to support on-the-fly creation of customizable database output


Membership systems gives you control and security over who uses your website. Membership systems also let users customize their experience and content.

Our membership system technology features:

  • Add new members interactively or only on approval
  • Allows access only by authorized users
  • Tracking of logged users
  • Control over concurrent users (multiple-accesses by a single user)
  • New member forms can be as simple or comprehensive as you want
  • Secondary verification system deals with forgotten passwords
  • Intranet administration capabilities makes maintenance quick and easy


There are many off-the-shelf shopping carts, but most dictate your options. A custom shopping cart will allow you to specify how product information is presented, receipt information, email notification and tie-ins to order tracking and fulfillment.

Our technology can provide customized shopping systems specifically designed for your needs. Our cart technology can tie in with any database, remote or local, as well as with most internet credit card debiting systems.

Our database driven solutions allow you to create tax tables, shipping tables, advanced receipts, order tracking, and any other report and tracking needs your site might require.

Since our technology does not dictate a look or feel, it can integrate into any website design.


Credit card tie-ins are a must for any site providing on-line products or services.

Most credit card tie-ins offer you multiple ways to do the debit, from the very simple to the totally customizable. The problem comes in the fact that in most sites, you wish the shopping experience and credit card debit to appear to be seamless within your site. This requires you to provide special programs in order to take advantage of your credit card tie-in customization features.

Most companies do not have the time nor expertise to provide the proper tie-in software, and thus settle for the less attractive tie-in mechanisms that their credit card service offers.

Our technology can interface with almost every internet debitor and can provide you with a customizable solution that exactly provides the look, feel and integration that you are looking for.

Most of our clients use either Authorize.net or Paypal for the credit card gateway. We provide software solutions for both of those systems and can create tie-ins to just about any other credit card gateway.


Does your site need to incorporate content from other sites? If so, let our data mining expertise assist you in providing a seamless display of remote content within your website.

Our data mining technology can provide both real-time mining, as well as batch mining of external content. The content can be either integrated on-the-fly or placed in your own databases for further manipulation.

Our technology can mine any data, as long as it is available on the internet in standard HTML format. This also includes pictures, audio, animations and video. (Java, Javascript, and Flash pages can not be data-mined).

Depending on the data type, our mining technology can also provide conversion between formats.


Cookware website designs cost $100 per finished page. This includes all the website content HTML markup, and all graphics on each page. This is a one-time charge.

Changes, updates, and edits to pages are $10 per changed page.

We bill at the END of each month, for the preceeding months design and hosting charges.

If you are interested in our hosting and design capabilities, contact us at (808) 966-5049 (Hawaii), or click here to send us Email.


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